Soroka studio registration

About The Program

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of the inaugural cycle of “Soroka Studio” starting in June 2024– 
a groundbreaking program designed to address challenges in health and biotechnology by fostering the creation of new startups.

“Soroka Studio” is a collaborative initiative led by Synergy7 and Soroka Medical Center, in conjunction with the renowned “Biodesign Israel” training model developed at Stanford University.

This innovative program empowers multidisciplinary teams to collectively address real clinical challenges sourced from hospitals across Israel, culminating in the development of innovative solutions that are primed for commercial viability and initial funding.

Throughout the program, participants will gain exclusive access to lectures and workshops, equipping them with the essential skills needed to navigate the entrepreneurial landscape within the healthcare sector.

Why Register?

Multidisciplinary Teams

Gain access a diverse team, combining clinical, business, and technological expertise. This synergy, strengthened by expert support and comprehensive workshops, serves as a robust framework for crafting innovative solutions to health challenges.

Leading Innovation Model

Participants work within the renowned Biodesign Israel model, a training center that brings together clinical, technological and business worlds.  Biodesign model developed at Stanford University operational at prestigious institutions like Rambam Hospital and collaborate with the Technion, and the Faculty of Biomedical Engineering.

Support and Funding Opportunities

The program facilitates connections for initial project financing, enhancing the prospects for successful ventures with commercial potential.

Who Can Register?

Technology experts

Engineers and software specialists driven by a passion for cutting-edge innovation.

Clinical professionals

Doctors, nurses, and operations/logistics professionals currently employed within hospitals.

Entrepreneurial minds

Visionary business leaders with a sharp acumen for driving projects within the healthcare realm.

 Join us in revolutionizing the future of healthcare!

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