Join us in shaping the future of indoor robotics, powered by Elbit Systems.


Powered by Elbit Systems, a cornerstone of the Israeli industry, Synergy7 Robotics Lab stands as a beacon of innovation. Elbit Systems, renowned for its expertise in a range of systems including vision and robotics, communication and space, cyber, autonomous, and airborne, infuses our lab with unparalleled capabilities.


Specializing in mobile ground robotics, our lab is at the forefront of navigation technology.
Our interdisciplinary team, spanning robotics, AI, computer vision, and mechanical engineering, collaborates seamlessly to tackle challenges in navigation, perception, and interaction.


As a dynamic hub for academia, industry, and startups alike, we foster an environment where ideas flourish and boundaries are pushed. Together, we propel the limits of robotics, delivering pioneering solutions that resonate globally.

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From Research to Product in Robotics and Algorithmics

Computer Vision and World Perception

Localization: With and Without GPS

Motion Planning and Control in Robotics

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