New opportunity for robotics startups in the Negev

Join Synergy7's New Robotics Lab!

We invite you to discover Synergy7’s top robotics lab in the Negev and learn how it can help your startup grow, turning theories into executions. Our robotics lab is powered by Elbit Systems and specializes in mobile ground robotics. This lab stands as a beacon of innovation, renowned for its expertise in a wide range of systems, such as: vision and robotics, communication and space, cyber, autonomous and airborne.

What's in it for you?

Share Knowledge with the Best Experts in this Field

During your work in the lab, you’ll be able to interact with Elbit Systems’ experts, with whom  you’ll be able to consult, share knowledge and learn from hands-on experience. Knowledge is power – and there’s no place in the entire area that holds more knowledge on robotics than our innovative lab.

Save Money While Enjoying Our COST-FREE Robotics Lab

Money runs the world – and it sure is important when it comes to robotics startups. The facilities and particles aren’t cheap, but if  your startup will pass our compatibility check, you can enjoy this fully equipped facility that is well-suited for your needs – COST-FREE.

Reach New Opportunities and Meet New Investors

We’ll make sure to notify you about investment opportunities, whenever they arise. Furthermore, we’ll use our wide network of connections to open doors for you and showcase you to potential investors during this time, while you’re at the lab striving for greatness.

How does it work?

Step 1

We’ll contact you to identify your needs and tell you more about our robotics lab.

Step 2

We’ll set up an interview with Elbit’s executive who runs the lab to verify the compatibility to the lab.

Step 3

Once you’re in the lab, we’ll make sure to notify you whenever an investment opportunity is on the table and create new opportunities for you – in order to help you grow and expend faster.

Registration Deadline: July 20, 2024

Don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity