Unlock your startup’s potential with expert guidance and funding from the Israel Innovation Authority!

Discover the Perfect Funding Route for Your Startup!

Join us for an exclusive Israel Innovation Authority exposure Meetup, showcasing all the opportunities and pathways designed for startups.

Whether you’re a startup in the pre-seed, seed, A stages, or you’re looking to attract investors – we have the perfect route for you.

At this pivotal event, you’ll gain invaluable insights from Israel Innovation Authority route managers, who will offer detailed explanations on which investment route suits your startup best and guide you through the application process to secure the funding you deserve.

The FundFinder Meetup is your golden opportunity to advance your startup’s journey, exposing you to a wide array of funding options designed to support startups at every stage of development. Whether you are just beginning or looking to scale up, this event will feature in-depth presentations to help you understand the nuances of each funding route, what makes a successful application, and how to navigate the process effectively, ensuring you make informed decisions about your startup’s financial strategy.


Monday  |  29.07.24  |  09:00-13:15

Who Is It For?

Pre-Seed Startups

Ideation (Tnufa) program: Designed for fledgling entrepreneurs to develop and validate innovative technological concepts.

Pre-Seed Track: For startups starting their journey, initiating the development of an innovative technological product, and raising an initial investment to prove technological and economic viability and market validation. This track offers a grant of 60% of a round of up to NIS 2.5 million.

Seed Startups

Seed Track: Early-stage startups that have a signed term sheet with an experienced venture capital investor. Co-investment opportunity with the Israel Innovation Authority in early-stage startups operating in high risk

Round A Startups

Round A Route: For companies that have developed an innovative technological product and demonstrated significant market validation. These companies are raising a significant first round (Round A) to complete product development, business/marketing promotion, and continued growth. This route offers a grant of 30% of a round of up to NIS 50 million


09:00 – 10:00: Welcome and Registration

10:00 – 10:20: Opening Remarks

Dror Bin, CEO, Israel Innovation Authority
Harel Ram, CEO, Synergy7
Salit Lev, ? , Israel Innovation Authority

10:20 – 10:40: Pre-seed Startups program
Name, Title, Company

10:40 – 11:00: Tnufa program
Name, Title, Company

11:00 – 11:15: Break and Q&A Session

11:15 – 11:30: The Law of Angels
Name, Title, Company

11:30 – 11:50: מערך ההגשות?
Name, Title, Company

11:50 – 12:05: Break and Q&A Session

12:05 – 12:25: Seed Startups opportunities
Name, Title, Company

12:25 – 12:45: A Stage Startups
Name, Title, Company

12:45 – 13:15: Networking

Registration Deadline: 28.07.24

Participation in this event is free of charge.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity to propel your startup to new heights with the right financial support!

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