Join us in shaping the future of healthcare & biotechnology, powered by Soroka Medical Center.


Synergy7’s strategic partnership enables a concentrated effort toward innovation in healthcare technology, biotechnology, and data-driven digital health solutions. This collaboration brings together Soroka University Medical Center, the largest hospital in southern Israel, and a key component of Clalit Health Services, Israel’s largest HMO, serving over 4.5 million residents.

Additionally, the involvement of Ben-Gurion University, a leader in advanced research and academic excellence, creates a unique ecosystem ripe for groundbreaking advancements in healthcare and biotechnologies.

Through this symbiotic collaboration, we cultivate a robust ecosystem providing a comprehensive platform to nurture innovative ideas. Our structured process is designed to identify challenges, develop solutions, establish new ventures, and accelerate growth within the southern district of Israel.

Our Services

‘Negev BioBank’ Resources for the Collection, Processing, and Storage of Clinical Samples
Connection to a Healthcare KOL
Utilization of Diverse Lab Facilities
Collaboration with Academic Researchers
Funding Grant Program Opportunities
‘Soroka Studio’, a New Venture Inception Program Supported by Soroka Medical Center
Clinical Data Access for Both Retrospective and Prospective Studies
Clinical Study Design, Management, Ethics Committee Processes, and Results Analysis

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